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Summary of Activities

The Fitness Industry of Japan (FIA) aims to develop a strong fitness industry and to enhance the creation and operation of comfortable clubs that all consumers can use with peace of mind. It will do this by making the latest information available to management for the benefit of all members.

01 We provide fitness management information
1 Holding high quality management seminars
  We hold frequent seminars all over the country with practical themes that can be applied to the management / operation of fitness clubs. Examples: increasing membership, preventing membership cancellation, club maintenance or personnel training. We also hold, as necessary, seminars with topical themes such as dealing with new laws pertaining to club management. We organize social gatherings after seminars that provide a place for members to interact and exchange information, contributing to the creation of new networks within the industry.

2 Publication of FIA News (The Association’s Newsletter)
  We send out FIA News once a month by e-mail. This is a convenient newsletter containing articles on the latest news in the fitness industry as well as the publication of reports containing information about popular seminars for those who were unable to attend. Also included are industry announcements and details of Association activities. All industry professionals need to read in order to understand current trends in the fitness industry.

3 Research and studies relating to the fitness industry
  Each year we publish bottom line data relating to the current state of the industry, such as fitness club management, operational matters, client characteristics, all of which amounts to a kind of fitness industry white paper. As required, we also conduct research and studies on themes which are of great interest to the industry.For example, surveys of client or staff satisfaction levels, factors that inhibit taking up membership or preventing membership cancellations, middle-aged and elderly client needs, etc. These research studies are conducted through academic-industrial collaboration and, as well as collating reports, we distribute these as valuable data documents free of charge to all members.

02 We represent the industry in dealing with administrative bodies
1 Policy recommendations for fitnes administration
  We conduct activities such as reviews and recommendations for all kinds of policies in partnership not only with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry which is the administrative authority of the association but also with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology representing the needs of the fitness industry as well as Japanese citizens in order to enhance health administration in Japan.

2 Dealing with new laws and recommendations pertaining to the industry
  The association has conducted educational activities and formulated practical guidelines for the industry relating to the implications of new laws and policies such as the Consumer Contract Act, Guidelines for Control of Legionella and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. We will continue to give advice to member companies so that they can deal appropriately with new laws and policies in the future.

03 We promote consumer protection.
Where a complaint is lodged by a consumer or a consumer affairs centre, we provide information to the company / club concerned and cooperate with the club and the consumer to find a solution. In addition, we implement free law consultations for member companies conducted by the FIA legal advisers.

04 We organize educational events.
Each year, we organize events that directly educate consumers about the enjoyment of sports and fitness such as the‘Fitness on Respect-for-the-Aged Day’Campaign which invites the elderly to fitness clubs free of charge on Respect-for-the-Aged Day and the FIA Masters Swimming Championships, a swimming tournament for the middle-aged and elderly.

05 We cooperate with other related organizations.
We cooperate with all kinds of organizations related to fitness and sport and exchange information. For example, we are in contact and collaborate with many organizations, including: IHRSA, the international health club association; the Japan Sports Health Industries Federation, a public service corporation; the Japan Health Promotion and Fitness Foundation; the Japan Fitness Association and the Japan Swimming Club Association.